Zaver Sima Team Member


Founder, Stategy

Originally from Auckland, Zaver grew up around business and property investment. Following in his father’s footsteps, Zaver qualified as a Civil Engineer as a way to give back to society by building needed infrastructure in developing countries. After working several years as an Engineer across NZ, AU and the UK, Zaver started a personal training franchise as a way to learn about running a business and help people in a directly through Fitness and Health. It was during this time that he met the owner of a buyer’s agency, who he trained as a client. It was not long before he began working as a buyer’s agent with his clients business.

Zaver quickly grew competent as a buyer’s agent, where he secured various property deals for his clients and enjoyed a high level of repeat customers and referrals. He helped hundreds of clients buy investment properties across Sydney and Brisbane, often sourcing off-market and discounted properties. He quickly realised that clients' needs were not always being met in the larger buyers’ agencies, due to the large volumes of clients competing for similar property stock and resource constraints. He decided there was a much better way to help clients buy properties with a more personalised, well engineered, service.

This led him to start Mint Investments with a former colleague, Andrea Shergill. Zaver set out to build a more customer-focused agency, nimble in its’ approach and backed by a solid partnerships with the best in the industry. As a rule, Mint Investments would sacrifice quality of service for transactional volume by focussing on only a small handful of clients each month.

Zaver is very dedicated to the success of his clients and understands the process very well. Property investment is an area of life he is very active in. Property and business has always been a passion of both Zaver and his family, and as such, he holds several investment properties in New Zealand and in Sydney, and also owns a technology startup.

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