Business Referral Partnerships:

Mint Investment prides itself on working with the best in the industry so that we can deliver our clients the best service and products. We are always looking to improve our service offering to our clients and as such are always open to partnering with like minded mortgage brokers, tax accountants and financial planners. If you work in any of these spaces and are interested in working together, or, in having Mint Investments helping your clients build large property portfolios at a steady rate, then we would love to have coffee and see how we can collectively help our clients. So we can start the conversation please complete the form below.

Client/Customer Referrals:

If you are a client, investor, or property enthusiast and you know someone who will benefit from our service then please refer them to us by completing the below form. If we meet with the person/persons you refer and its mutually beneficial to work together then once we are successful in securing them a property and it settles we will pay you $1000. This is per client referred.

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